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Our Care Experts | A nurse and an old women in a wheelchair

Millennium Health Network’s thorough vetting process guarantees that patients receive no less than the highest quality care and service.

At our agency, safety and quality of care are our top priorities, so we never hire anyone less than the best. Care expert applicants undergo a careful and thorough screening processes that includes:

  • Criminal background checks. We require applicants to undergo a hardcore FBI background check which entails deeper and more reliable results than the SSN-based checks used by competitors. It includes screening for federal crime arrest, federal crime conviction, national crime arrest, national crime conviction, state crime arrest, state crime conviction, local crime arrest, local crime conviction, national sex offender registry, and national sex offense arrest.
  • Competency tests
  • Physical Examinations
  • Advanced training and seminars


  • 3 years of professional caregiving experience is required
  • Verification of education credentials and healthcare licenses
  • Verification of employment history

The Process

Millennium Health Network’s evaluators conduct in-person interviews to make sure applicants meet our standards. We also make sure to do thorough fact-checking by asking the candidate’s most recent clients if their references are indeed true and factual.

The FBI fingerprint background check is used to vet candidates. This is the most extensive and reliable background check available.

We also verify that all candidates can legally work in the U.S.

Millennium Health Network takes pride in having a network of thoroughly screened care experts who are well-equipped to meet your loved one’s needs and goals.

A representative of our agency is always ready to provide assistance. Please feel free to get in touch with your questions, concerns, and requests.

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